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Our business automation services bring direct benefits by streamlining complex business processes and multiplying efficiency. Since 2008, we have served businesses of all sizes and industries, allowing them to achieve consistent quality over and over again.

What we offer

Our competencies include business automation in areas such as logistics, medicine and medical clinics, the production of food and non-food products, services, hospitality and others. Solutions may include sales, customer relations (CRM) accounting, human resources payroll, packaged supplies, inventory, and other areas.


Food Industry and restaurants
Logistics and delivery
Medical and dental clinics
Service Industry
Education Industry
Travel Industry
Real Estate Industry

We can help you with

We study your existing business-processes to match them with best practices and facilitate seamless internal flows to get stable quality and improve productivity of your business.

ASSD designs and develops robust, customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that support and enhance your internal processes and help keep your business running smoothly.

Our dashboards allow you to see the whole picture of business indicators in dynamics, analyze data and make strategic decisions without missing a single detail.

Diversified companies and large corporations need solutions that allow them to integrate different areas of their business, combine different media and ways of interaction. We provide the development of products of any complexity, which combine the processes of different areas, allowing their centralized management.

If a business does not yet have its stable business processes, and has not lost its flexibility due to it’s large scale, ready-made ERP systems can be a good solution. We offer customization and delicate implementation of ready-made solutions in your business without damaging your current work and processes.

Integrating your ERP with third party services will help to enrich your system with a wide range of features such as email automation, call analysis, automated social posting, and more. We will provide you with the best services that will enhance your business management toolkit.

Apricot Space develops CRM systems, which drive your sales, increase the number of your customers and the incomes of your business. We design the CRMs on the basis of your sales processes and make it easy-to-use for your sales managers, as well as easy-to-monitor for your commercial directors.

The biggest reason why businesses are hesitant to replace a poorly performing or inappropriate business automation system is the fear of adaptation and migration. If a business already has any existing solution, we take its design into account to ensure a seamless process of adapting to a new solution and migrating data without making it unusable.

We provide full technical support for all our products, guaranteeing their performance and making timely updates.

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