Development Services for Startups

If you are a fast-growing startup and are looking for a reliable development partner, we are ready to develop a quality product according to your vision in a short time.

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At the forefront of creating a product for any startup is the ability to implement any ideas and the speed of development. Both funding and the future success of a startup can depend on this. It is important that the initial product does not distort the vision of the founders and is valuable to users.

What we offer

Our experienced team brings any idea to life, giving it shape and value. We perfectly understand the full responsibility of working with a start-up company and develop your product without losing sight of the slightest detail, using all the ways to implement your ideas, without compromising between them and ideas.


Ed Tech startups
Food Tech startups
Mar Tech startups
Med Tech startups
AR / VR Tech startups
Crypto startups
E-commerce and Marketplace startups
AI/Machine Learning
Big Data startups
Internet of Things startups

We can help you with

We understand perfectly well what it means for a startup to keep its ideas confidential and keep all information within the team. We are ready to sign an NDA at any stage of cooperation with a startup, and guarantee the complete confidentiality of any information received.

We provide dedicated teams to ensure the continued development of evolving products for your startup. We are well aware that for a startup it means fast development without loss of quality, and we keep the accumulated expertise in your product, creating a dedicated team that develops only your product.

Often, when creating an MVP, a startup is forced to throw it away, and create a new solution as the business expands. We try to choose the right technologies from the very beginning and create a scalable product with a great potential for expanding functionality.

Startups need agile development more than other companies, as they create an innovative product that did not exist before. We provide capacious sprints, which allow you to detailly control the implementation of the idea, and maintain the development pace.

We also work with late-stage startups when the product is successfully developing and there is a need to improve the product. ASSD ensures the design and development of new features, without breaking existing interactions, and ensuring the high quality of the product.

We provide full technical support for all our products, guaranteeing their performance and making timely updates.

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